“Preserving the Past,

Protecting the Future,

Providing life-saving  Solutions Every Day”

At AHJ we take pride in our role in sustaining the built environment. Three overarching ideals summarize our important contribution as structural engineers:

Preserving the Past –

The majority of the population currently lives, works and plays in older buildings. These structures periodically need to be repaired, improved and expanded. AHJ Engineers has been studying and retrofitting existing and historic buildings for over 30 years. With proper code knowledge and creative design, these structures can be preserved and continue to serve their occupants. AHJ Engineers is committed to Preserving the Past through thoughtful historic restorations, complex repurposing and essential expansions. The economic, cultural and sustainability benefits of maintaining existing buildings cannot be overstated.

Protecting the Future –

All new construction is intended to promote the vision of the owner and improve the well-being of its occupants. Ever-increasing knowledge in the field of structural engineering is helping to reduce building failures from natural disasters and unexpected events. At AHJ Engineers, it is our responsibility to Protect the Future users of the structures we design by keeping abreast of new technology and leveraging our experience. By utilizing available products, advanced research and common sense, we are able to devise constructible structural systems that are both robust and economical, ensuring valuable and safe use of these buildings, long into the future.

Providing life-saving Solutions Every Day –

Every day clients bring us problems to solve. It may be a 10 story building they need designed or a simple connection detail they need advice on. As structural engineers, solving these ‘problems’ correctly is a matter of life safety. Understanding all the external forces, the load paths, the governing codes, the material behavior, the failure modes and an appropriate solution is dependent on proper education and extensive experience. These requirements are built into U.S. licensing laws for engineers, to promote life-safety. Because of this commitment to preserve life, we all expect to be safe from collapse in the buildings in which we live, work and play. Therefore, we believe it is not a stretch to say that one of AHJ Engineers’ main objectives is Providing life-saving  Solutions Every Day.