AHJ Portfolio: Healthcare



The complex architectural requirements and the geographical location provided an interesting design challenge for this 3 story steel office building. The building's construction uses a steel frame with chevron braces. The structural frame is enclosed with an intricate system of spandrels made up of steel beams and columns, steel studs, and external insulation foam system (EIFS).

Bear Lake Nursing Home

This complex is a single level light wood frame addition to an existing wood frame structure. The lateral forces were resisted by wood shear panels. A new porte cochere was also designed at the entry.

Intermountain Medical Imaging

This medical facility is a single level light wood frame structure with wood shear panels resisting the lateral wind and seismic forces. The imaging safety component for this project was handled by specially designed wall panels.

Idaho Urological Institute

This two-story medical building is 43,300 square feet and includes space for offices, labs and operating rooms. The use of steel moment frames allows for a more open floor plan and greater freedom for the design of interior spaces. The building features a grand entrance with lots of windows and a large acrylic canopy

Elks Rehabilitation Hospital

This 160,000 square foot hospital facility is a four-story complex, which includes operating rooms, laboratories, clinics, physical therapy areas that include two therapeutic pools, offices and patient rooms. The structure is steel construction with chevron braced frames for lateral resistance. The floor is wide flange steel beams and girders while the roof is an open web steel joist with wide flange girders. The foundation uses drilled concrete piers and interconnecting grade beams. The large lobby and pool areas, both on the first level, required large open spaces. In order to avoid columns, 50’-0” spanning transfer girders were provided at the second level with the conventional framing layout resuming above this level.