One Front Street

This four-story office building has a total floor area of 71,000 square feet. In addition to the four-stories, a mechanical penthouse floor tops the building, while a full underground-parking garage creates its foundation. The underground parking extends outside the footprint of the building to create another 23,000 square feet of underground parking. This parking area is topped with a framework of steel beams and composite deck that has been designed for both current surface parking and a future four-story building.
The design of the building included consideration for a very high water table. Buoyant forces were overcome with mat footings, and coordination with the civil engineer included a network of foundation drainpipes and deep wells. The owner was excited to use a special type of split face CMU that only came in 8” wide units. This presented a challenge to use such a narrow block as both a lateral and gravity-resisting element. The end design used a steel post and beam skeleton for the gravity system, while the CMU skin served as the structure’s lateral system. Careful consideration in detailing allowed the building’s dead and live loads to be resisted independently from any lateral load the building may experience in a seismic or high wind situations.

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