AHJ Portfolio: Public Service

Public Service

C-130 Engine Shop

The structural system for this shop is concrete masonry unit and metal stud walls with an open web steel joist and steel deck roof system. The large roll-up doors accommodate the engine trolleys and large propeller span of the C130 aircraft. Several engines can be serviced at the same time in the open space allowing quick turn-around servicing of the four engined flying freighters. Four three ton hoists on two bridge beams ride on side wall runway beams supported by pre-cast corbelled columns. These hoists can move the engines to any station within the facility. The brick veneer skin is hung from the structure over the many overhangs and large openings, which required some unique detailing.

Idaho Humane Society

This facility has a variety of different shapes and uses. The kennel uses curved deck with open web steel joists perpendicular to the curve over load bearing partition walls. There is a long mechanical attic which uses hollow core planks to achieve the shallow floor requirements. The entry with its skewed layout uses exposed tube steel columns and beams.

Eagle Post Office

This postal facility is a masonry bearing wall structure supporting an open web steel joist and steel deck roof system.

Bureau of Reclamation Office Building

A two-story wood framed structure, separated into two portions by a concrete tapered wall that creates a central core within the structure that is used for a common conference room and receptionist area. The structure’s concrete wall extends out from the frame of the building and is designed to collect rainwater in a central gutter system that drains into a rock formation below. The office portion of the roof was framed with wood I-joists and wood framed canopies. The canopies were constructed with steel angles creating a knee brace

Blaine County Courthouse Annex

This project is a 30,000 square foot, three-story structure. The lower level is a parking structure constructed with cast-in-place concrete walls and concrete slab on grade floor. The upper two levels are general office space. The first floor framing system uses a pre-cast concrete plank and beam design with a concrete topping slab. The second floor framing and roof system use pre-engineered wood joists that are supported by glu-lam or steel beams. The walls were constructed using a reinforced concrete filled insulated block system and the building is supported by a conventional spread concrete footing foundation system. A large 13'x47' skylight was designed at the center of the building, which allows natural light into both levels of the office space.