AHJ Portfolio: K-12 Schools

K-12 Schools

Wood River High School

An educational facility of approximately 180,000 square feet of multi-level space, this project tackled the unique challenges of a short building season due to the high snow country of the area. In order to accommodate the challenges, the structure utilizes a masonry/concrete bearing system in part and a steel framed structure with a brick outer skin on the other.

Centennial High School Performing Arts Center

This performing arts center is a 900 seat auditorium clear spanning with hanging catwalks and a full stage with the roof structure supporting the stage loading. The roof structure is open web steel joist and steel deck with 8” & 12” CMU bearing walls. Architecturally there is a ramp going from the stage to the lobby along the side elevation, so the CMU were designed and laid perpendicular to the slope of the ramp for a unique architectural style.

Galileo Math and Science Magnet

This typical Meridian elementary school plan was expanded and improved to include middle school students in their own wing. With the K-8 program, continuity of learning is maintained and focused on math and science. The building is wood framed with the exception of the cafeteria and the enlarged multi-purpose room which are clay masonry.

Mt. View High School

This 250,000 square foot high school is a two-story masonry structure with steel joists constructing the roofing system. The floor makes use of a composite beam system. The main stairs in this school were designed as a cantilevered system making it possible for the stairway to be column free. The school also has a cantilevered entry canopy.

Boise High School

This 80,000 square foot facility uses load bearing masonry block through various combinations of wall types to enhance the architectural appearance. Wide flange steel beams composite with the concrete slab is used on the second floor, while open web steel joists and steel deck is provided for the roof. Six 2’–6” diameter concrete columns form a colonnade in front of the media center. Two ten foot deep girders clear spanning 125’ are used in the gymnasium.